Thursday, January 20, 2011

Legally Enforceable Puns

I think its fun (=nerd) to look for typos in legal databases. What else are they really good for?
  • "a patter of behavior" Chun v. NY. What, no pitter?
  • "He clamed Banker called him on the night in question." State v. Martinez. There's something fishy about that.
  • "He contests the members hip" Gibson v. Babbitt. The membership's connected to the knee bone.
  • "he singed the document." US v. Melendez Santiago. And technically, singing a document (much like signing one) could be legally significant if intended as an identifying mark.
  • "[the defendant] could not be liable to the Owners for beach of contract." HUD Cienega Gardens v. US. Otherwise, damages would be measured in star fish and cigarette butts.
  • "a communication with tis attorney waived his attorney-client privilege." US v. Jackson. Spell Check: tis a dangerous thing.
  • "The maximum penalty here under the new federal statue would be a maximum of $786 million." In Re Valdez. Beware the pigeon poo.
  • "Plaintiff is barred by the principles of red judicata." George v. McClure. Hey, let's replace all the latin with basic colors.