Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Predatory Mortgage and Consumer Lending Training

I went to an all-day training on predatory lending. "Predatory lenders" is apparently an elusive term lacking a solid definition. Let me provide one here: A predatory lender is a lender with (a) fangs 2.5 inches or longer, (b) the mouth parts of a leach, or (c) a lender who doesn't actually check and make sure that the borrower can support the mortgage. They said today that lenders don't have such a fiduciary duty, especially when the borrower lies, but come on guys, have a heart!
* * *

The following are quick sketches of the three main speakers:

Brenda Gauer, National Legal Training Project.
Anthony Polidori, supervising examiner/investigator with the Idaho Department of Finance.
* * *
Deputy Attorney General Brett DeLange, Idaho Law Foundation.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


These are all hanging up at work. Thank goodness for the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, but can I bring myself within the statute? Should I report my papercut? These are burning legal questions.

Uiniversity of Idaho Law school Professor Caricatures

During my 1L year of Law school I made cartoons of all my professors. They were all great sports about it.

Professor Anderson, Criminal Law. By way of interpretation, this is a diagram that represents the criminality of a bear eating a man who is guilty of attempted drug running.
* * *

Dean Seamon, Civil Procedure II. This isn't a real citation, but my dad was tricked into looking it up in the federal tax code.
* * *
Professor Bridy, Contracts. She came up with the contract in the background, it's official boilerplate contract terms.

* * *

Professor Goble, torts, let me know that a cartoon can count as defamation. uh-oh.

* * *

Property, Professor Beard. The textbook had a color print of an abstract sculpture, several pictures inside, and two cases about paintings. The rest was all legal stuff.

* * *Professor Friendshuh, Legal Research and Writing. There are special rules about when to italicize a comma, seriously.

* * *

Professor Williams, Civil Procedure I. Shoe, Jx, all that good stuff.
* * *

Validity of the System

Throwing a quiz out due to vague reports of cheating didn't help me out in this case. On the other hand, without the curve I would have flunked it.


There is much stress about law school grades.

All my law toons are going to go here

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